What’s new in your Honda maps?

Enjoy Quality Navigation Maps from HERE

The data used in Honda navigation system map updates is provided by HERE Technologies, the global leader in mapping and location experiences.

Accuracy is essential to the map making process. To keep you on course, HERE deploys a fleet of mapping vehicles equipped with motion sensors, 360-degree cameras, and laser light radar (LiDAR). This technology, combined with satellite and aerial imagery, enables HERE to turn massive amounts of data into highly accurate maps.

In addition to new and modified roads, HERE maps feature millions of Points of Interests (POIs) such as gas stations, restaurants, parking garages, hotels, and more. This data helps you locate the services you need no matter where your travels take you.

Check out the video below to learn more about HERE Technologies map making process:

The Continuous Evolution of Your Map

Over the past year, the HERE The new 2018 Honda map updates for North America has seen approximately 615,296 miles of road added or amended*, and much more:

543,760 new street names and addresses added

314,754 road signs

2,356,312 points of interest

The HERE Map Change Viewer provides a visual depiction of changes to the map over the last 18 months. Zoom in to explore what’s new in your area.

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* Change statistics represent updates to the HERE Map Database. Some data may not be included in all Honda navigation system updates. The exact changes applied to a particular map update may vary according to the model, year, and navigation system