How to find the ID’s for your Pink Navigation USB


➝ Honda Civic : 2014 – 2015
➝ Honda CRV : 2015 – 2016
➝ Honda CR-Z : 2016
➝ Honda HR-V : 2016 – 2017
➝ Honda Fit : 2015 – 2017

You will be able to locate the numbers from a single location. Please follow the steps outlined below.

1.. Turn on ignition and allow navigation system to complete the start-up sequence.

2. Press the INFO button on the touch screen.

3. Press the MENU button (on left bezel).

4. Select SYSTEM/DEVICE INFORMATION on the touch screen.

5. Select SYSTEM/INFO on the touch screen

6. The following information appears. You can print a copy of this page and record the values here:


                                                                                                                         (EXAMPLE ONLY)

Your Database, Device and VIN are unique to you. Do not use a Database version from a previous purchase. If you enter incorrect data you will receive the wrong product.

● Database Version: 1-2
Note: Enter Periods, Case-sensitive

● Device number (at least 8 digits): 8
Note: Not case sensitive. No Dashes or Hyphens

● VIN CODE (17 digits): 17
Note: Not Case-Sensitive

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