• General
    • Is this an official Honda navigation update?

      Yes. Honda and HERE technologies work together to update the map content for your navigation system and release it to you. HERE technologies is the ONLY authorized and legitimate site to purchase a map update other than a dealership.

    • What do the colors mean?

      Each color (Brown, Green, Pink, Turquoise White and Yellow) corresponds to a navigation system, specific to different vehicle models.

    • Why do I need to buy a map update?

      In your neighborhood and around the world, roads, streets and highways are constantly changing. HERE's regular updates include critical, fresh details about the road network. With a new map update you can know that you have the latest information available for your GPS navigation system, providing you with more-accurate routing and a more enjoyable navigation experience.

    • Are there other ways to update my map? Are replacement or update DVDs available at my dealership, or are they purchased elsewhere?

      Dealerships do not stock these items but may order the disc as a courtesy for you. Replacement and update DVDs may be ordered online at www.hondanavi.com. An update disc may also be ordered by calling the Honda Navigation Center at 1-888-628-6275. Please note the operators cannot answer detailed technical or coverage questions. For help with technical or coverage issues, consult Honda Customer Service at 1-800-999-1009.

    • How can I tell which navigation system DVD version I am currently using?

      The version number is on the DVD inside your navigation-system unit. To obtain this number, carefully remove the DVD, and note the version number (Ver: x.xx) near the bottom of the DVD label. For information on how to remove the DVD, refer to the navigation system owner's manual ("DVD Removal") or consult your Honda dealership.

    • Why am I being asked to provide my Device ID and Database version?

      Some map update products have more than one available part number - and the Device and Database information you enter allows us to ensure you get the correct update. If you enter incorrect or outdated data, you may get an incorrect update product. Your map database version will change after installation of an update – so it is important to always use the most current version when making a map update purchase.

    • I am being asked for my Security Code during the map update installation. What do I do if I forgot it?

      The security code requirement can usually be bypassed by holding down the radio power button. It may take a few tries. If this does not work – the 5-digit code should be included in your owner’s manual. If you still have issues – you can refer to http://radio-navicode.honda.com

    • How does the navigation system work?

      The Honda Navigation System receives signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and sophisticated vehicle sensors. A powerful computer in your vehicle then analyzes this data to pinpoint precisely the vehicle's location. In addition, the navigation system's DVD contains an immense database of maps, plus millions of points of special interest (POI).

    • How does my navigation system compare to my smartphone?

      Your embedded navigation system is designed for driving. With a large screen and helpful voice prompts, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. And unlike smartphone navigation apps which are subject to network availability and data charges, your embedded system is ready to go as soon as you start your engine

    • How often do I need to purchase a map update?

      Map updates are usually released in the fall of each year. Purchase of an update is recommended and not required. However, updates offer a wealth of features and new information important for an optimal navigation experience.

    • If I install a map update, will I lose any of my personal information?

      Personally entered information, such as "#address Books," "PINs" or "Previous Destinations," will not be affected by the update. However, some basic "Setup" adjustments such as "Volume" or "Brightness" may be reset to factory specification. There is no method to “back-up” or save personal information.

  • Coverage/Maps
    • Why isn't my address included in the navigation system database?

      While every effort was made to provide a complete address database, not every address was available at the time of map update authoring. An address located within a "verified" metropolitan area (dark-colored streets) may have been omitted because the area is located in a new subdivision, or there was a road-name change. Roads, street names and addresses located in an "unverified" area (light brown-colored streets) may be incomplete, missing or not shown accurately on the map due to roadway construction or other causes. While every effort was made to provide a complete address database, not every address was available at the time of DVD authoring. An address located within a "verified" metropolitan area (dark-colored streets) may have been omitted because the area is located in a new subdivision, or there was a road-name change. Roads, street names and addresses located in an "unverified" area (light brown-colored streets) may be incomplete, missing or not shown accurately on the map due to roadway construction or other causes.

    • What map coverage does my navigation system provide?

      The system provides coverage for verified and unverified roads within the 48 contiguous United States.

    • What are verified and unverified roads?

      Verified roads have been thoroughly researched and accurately mapped. Early DVD versions included verified street information (shown as dark colors) for major metropolitan areas and the main roads connecting them to smaller cities - but did not include details on posted speed limits, one-way streets, addresses, etc. Later map update versions (Version 2.11 and above) included verified information about metro- area streets: posted speed limits, one-way street address, and address information, etc. Unverified roads have been less accurately mapped. Shown as light brown on the display, they include most of the smaller cities and rural areas of the continental U.S. Navigation information on these roads may be less detailed. For example, the street information may lack posted speed limits, whether a street is one-way or not, some address information, etc.

    • Can my navigation system provide routing information for addresses or places in unverified areas?

      Yes. The driver can choose between a blue-dotted "vector line" that points toward the address or destination, or full navigation routing that includes cautions. The choice can be made in the "Setup" screen, under "Unverified Routing."

    • Can my navigation system provide coverage for Alaska?

      The Hard Disc Drive (HDD) navigation system provides a map of Alaska for the Brown, Green and Yellow products.

    • Can I use a different mapping database in my navigation system?

      No. The system is not designed for other navigation programs or databases.

    • When using my navigation system, why aren't all roads named?

      In verified metropolitan areas (dark-colored streets), most roads are named. Occasional errors may result from name changes, street closures or the addition of new roads that have not yet been included in the database. In unverified areas (light brown-colored streets), street names may be missing due to roadway construction, and some roads such as highway off-ramps and service roads may appear on the map as "Unnamed Road."

  • Navigation functions
    • What is the fastest, easiest way to find an address?

      When using the keyboard to locate an address, enter the state first-this will reduce the number of selections to choose from-then enter the city and street name. The menu option "Map Input" can also be used to find a city, by jogging the joystick to select the address.

    • How do I delete addresses?

      If the address is in your "Previous Destinations" list, go to the "Setup" screen, select "Previous," then touch the address (or addresses) you wish to delete. Touch "#all Addresses" to remove all addresses displayed.
      Note: If you accidentally delete all addresses, touch "Cancel" (before exiting the screen) to restore them. If the address is in your "Personal Address" list, go to "Setup," touch "Edit Personal Address" and follow the screen prompts. The system can hold up to 20 previous destinations and will automatically delete the oldest entry as each new destination is entered. For more information on this and other address features, see your navigation system owner's manual, or consult your Honda dealership.

    • How do I hide or display map icons?

      The system allows you to hide or display most icons, including ATMs, gas stations and restaurants. To do this, go to the "Setup" screen, select "Show Icons On Map," then choose the icons you wish to display or hide.
      Note: Some icons cannot be hidden. These include schools (small buildings with a flag), hospitals (Red Cross) and Honda dealers. For complete details on icons, refer to the navigation system owner's manual.

    • Can I play DVD movies or audio CDs with my navigation system?

      No. Your navigational system was designed to provide navigational assistance only.

    • Is the navigation system available in any other language?

      No. The U.S. navigation system is only available in English.

  • Shipping and return policy
    • When will my order ship?

      Orders placed by 11:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time will be processed and shipped that same day. Delivery time depends upon the shipping method you select.

    • What is the return policy for update or replacement DVDs?

      1. Request a Return Authorization Number. Clearly print the authorization number on the outside of the package.
      2. Ship the product via courier service or insured mail. Insure the package and keep the receipt. For your protection, we suggest you retain the tracking number of the shipment in the unlikely event your product is lost in transit. HERE is not responsible for lost packages.
      3. Return the package, with proof of purchase, in original container to the address provided by the Honda Navigation Center.

      If the carton has been damaged during shipping a claim must be made to FEDEX at 1-800-463-3339 or (1-800-goFedEx) or on-line at FEDEX.com For additional information, you may call the Honda Navigation Center at 1-888-628-6275