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Gracenote® Update for Honda Audio System

Gracenote® is a music database that enables your Honda audio system to identify artist, album and song names. The most popular and trusted ID technology for consumer electronics today, Gracenote® will help you better manage and thoroughly enjoy your music collection.


Panasonic system supported vehicles

  • Pilot
    Pilot EX 2012-2013
  • Odyssey
    Odyssey (EX, EX-L, EX-L RES)
    2011- 2013
Version Number: 13201
Database Date: Q3 2019
Next Available Update: Approx. April 2020

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Alpine 3.0 system supported vehicles

  • Pilot
    Pilot (EX-L,Touring) 2012-2015
  • Odyssey
    Odyssey (EX-L, Touring, Touring Elite)
Version Number: 13292
Database Date: Q4 2019 
Next Available Update: Approx. July 2020

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Alpine 3.2 system supported vehicles

  • Accord
    Accord 2013-2015
  • Crosstour
    Crosstour 2013-2015
  • Odyssey
    Odyssey (EX-L, Touring, Touring Elite)
Version Number: 13296
Database Date: Q4 2019 
Next Available Update: Approx. July 2020

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Gracenote® Frequently Asked Questions

Why does an error screen appear during the update process?
Possible reason:
This error screen will appear if the "Disc Eject" button was pushed during the update process. Reinsert the disc or USB and restart the update process from the beginning.
Why won't the system accept this update?
The system will not allow you to install an old version of the Gracenote® database. You may already have the latest version installed and may not need to update the database.

To check the version number of the Gracenote® database currently installed in the system, follow the instructions below:
Press the "Audio" button on the audio/navigation unit
Press the "HDD" button
Move the Interface Selector Knob down to select "Audio Menu"
Turn the Interface Dial Knob to select "HDD Setup"

The version number of the installed Gracenote® database will be shown. If you attempt to install an older or the same version of the Gracenote® database, the system will ask you to confirm your file version and reinstall with a newer one.

If your vehicle includes a Rear Seat Entertainment System, the disc may not be loaded in the correct CD slot. Ensure that the Gracenote® update disc is inserted in the upper CD slot.
Why was my Gracenote® update canceled?
If the CD cannot be read, the update will be canceled. The CD may not have been properly burned or the CD may be damaged. If you receive this prompt, you may need to burn a new CD. Make sure you still have the appropriate files, then record another disc and try again.

Please note that the CD you burn must be in one of the following formats in Mode 1: ISO9660 level1/level2, Joliet, or Romeo.

The file may have been corrupted during the file decompression process. Repeat the process to decompress the file and burn the CD or USB and try again.

IMPORTANT: Gracenote® database files obtained from other Web sites or another source will not work in your Honda entertainment system. You must obtain your update for the Honda vehicle from this Web site.