Honda Garmin MapCare Program

As part of Honda’s MapCare program with Garmin, your vehicle came with 3-5 years* of complimentary map updates:

  • •  The free update period starts at approximately the time the vehicle reached 200 miles
    • • Model Year 2016-2020: Came with 5 years of MapCare
    • • Model year 2021-2024: Came with 3 years of MapCare

  • •  This map update is done via a download to a USB stick (USB flash drive):
    • •  A 16GB USB stick and internet is required.
    • •  Average update process time is ~30min, but may be longer depending on internet speed


  • •  This map update download is distributed and supported by Garmin:
    • • ALL support requests or questions should be directed to Garmin
    • • The link below will take you to the Garmin site

  • • If you are no longer eligible for a free update, Garmin will offer one for purchase. 
  • - The normal MSRP is $75 - however all pricing should be confirmed via the Garmin site during the checkout process



Garmin Support:  Garmin Support Link

(USA) 1-800-800-1020

(CANADA) 1-866-429-9296

Models eligible for 3 or 5-year MapCare program:
2016-2022 Accord, 2017-2022 Clarity, 2016-2021 Civic, 2017-2022 CR-V, 2018-2021 Fit, 2019-2022 HR-V, 2019-2023 Insight, 2018-2024 Odyssey, 2019-2024 Passport, 2016-2022 Pilot, 2017-2023 Ridgeline

*Entitlement period begins approximately once vehicle reaches 200 miles. Depending on age and purchase date of vehicle – the free entitlement period may be ended. Continue to Garmin’s site and determine what is available for your system

**Newer model year owners: A map update may not be available yet for your system. Continue to Garmin’s site and determine what is available for your system.