Honda MapCare Program

As part of Honda’s MapCare program, your vehicle came with 3-5 years* of complimentary map updates:

  • •  The free update period starts at approximately the time the vehicle reached 200 miles

  • •  This map update is done via a download to a USB stick:
    • •  A 16GB USB stick and internet is required.
    • •  Average update process time is ~30min, but may be longer depending on internet speed

  • •  The map update download is distributed and supported by Garmin. 
  • In ~October 2021, Garmin will offer a map update for purchase for owners that are no longer eligible for a free update

Updating your navigation system map is an essential part of maximizing your system's benefits and performance. Map updates ensure that the changing world outside is accurately reflected in your system, making it much easier to reach your destination.


Models eligible for 3 or 5-year MapCare program:
2016-2022 Accord, 2017-2022 Clarity, 2016-2021 Civic, 2017-2021 CR-V, 2018-2022 Fit, 2019-2022 HR-V, 2019-2022 Insight, 2018-2022 Odyssey, 2019-2022 Passport, 2016-2022 Pilot, 2017-2022 Ridgeline

*Entitlement period begins approximately once vehicle reaches 200 miles. Depending on age and purchase date of vehicle – the free entitlement period may be ended. Continue to Garmin’s site and determine what is available for your system

**Newer model year owners: A map update may not be available yet for your system. Continue to Garmin’s site and determine what is available for your system.